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Performance reporting | Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)

Our execution reporting tool was developed to provide fund managers with enterprise level access to independent FX reference data and forensic TCA. Benefits include:

  • Enabling objective evidence based empirical decisions about FX counterparts and services

  • Monitoring, understanding and controlling FX transaction costs

  • Setting bespoke reporting to meet regulatory demands across multiple jurisdictions

  • Developing best execution policy framework and verifying results​.

This solution is offered in partnership with 'New Change FX' (NCFX) who are the only FCA authorised and purely independent aggregator of mid-reference rates. These rates are used as benchmarks for our spread / exchange rate cost calculations. 

NCFX live spot FX mid-rate was registered as an official ESMA benchmark in January 2018 and covers the 70 most actively traded currency pairs, producing reference rates on spot, standard tenor forward and NDF currency pairs.

Performance reporting | Hedging analysis 

We have developed a powerful and fully customizable hedge analysis tool which enables client to see historic and real-time performance of their implemented risk management programmes.


The reporting insights enable clients to respond to ever-changing market conditions and operational needs in a proactive and informed capacity. 

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