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Asset management 

"We help asset managers make more informed decisions - acting as an extension to their investment team to provide cost-effective, impartial risk management advice and technical solutions"

Charlie Long  |  Head of Finance  

Providing the gateway to best execution and data-led hedging advisory 

Our expertise and proprietary technology platform help to mitigate multi-asset risk. We deploy the latest analytical tools, tailored hedging programmes, tendered execution, and bespoke hedging reporting to structure the most cost-effective strategy with the aim to optimise the risk-return profile of your portfolio.

Gain meaningful insights. Use our proprietary analytical platform (IRIS) to measure and benchmark hedging and execution performance 

Optimized execution. Access best in class pricing and credit terms though tendered and supported execution 

Manage risk. Reduce the risks associated with interest rate and FX volatility.

Impartial hedging advisory

Volatility in FX and interest rates may pose significant performance risk for asset managers, whether it be at individual investments level or the entire fund. We partner with fund managers across the globe to help identify and implement the most efficient risk management programmes. 


Firstly, we help identify and quantify the size and nature of the risks, and then set about designing, back testing and running simulated scenario analysis to identify the optimal hedging policy for the fund or individual investment. Our dedicated team provides ongoing support, acting as an extension to your investment team.

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Foreign exchange advisory

Helping funds and their portfolio companies maximise investment performance by mitigating the impact of adverse foreign exchange movements. Audere helps: 

Assess & evaluate. Quantitative analysis is used to assess your FX exposure and simulate, test, and evaluate appropriate hedging strategies which meet your investment objective. 

Advise & recommend. We provide impartial foreign exchange hedging advice at the fund and investee company level. Areas of risk include cash and collateral management, portfolio hedging and share class hedging. 

Optimised execution. World class tendered execution with appropriate counterparties. We manage the ISDA and CSA process and assist with negotiating commercial terms. We then manage the dry and live auction process with industry benchmarking to deliver the best execution. 

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Interest rate advisory

Access the insights, experience, and technology needed to assess and manage your interest rate risks more effectively. Audere helps: 

Assess and evaluate . As a first step, our advisors get to understand your business strategy and evaluate potential future interest rate exposures.

Advise and recommend. They then evaluate the hedging alternatives and costs, before presenting the analysis with scenario testing on our interactive, visual based platform. The final stage is to recommend the optimal hedging programme.    

Breadth of knowledge. Our interest rate advisors have the expertise and experience to advise on all interest rate derivative products, including collars, caps, specific and cross-currency swaps. We ensure your business is protected using the most appropriate solution. 

Optimisation of execution. World class tendered execution with appropriate counterparties. We manage the ISDA and CSA process and assist with negotiation terms. Dry and live auction processing with industry benchmarking to deliver the best execution. 


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Hedge accounting 

Access our expertise to help you manage the complex area of derivative accounting. Audere helps:

Provide Assurance. Gain certainty that your accounting procedures and reporting are to standard.

Improved Efficiency. Our personal, on-hand approach and use of technology ensures timely financial reporting to IFRS9. Audere makes this complicated challenge a simple task, allowing your finance department to focus on other workstreams.

Gain Clarity. We ensure that your financial statements reflect the value of all your derivative positions. 

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Pioneering new technology 'Iris X'

Audere is recognised as one of the world’s leaders in multi-asset risk management technology. Our proprietary platforms, which benefit from our in-house treasury and software development expertise, deliver unique front-end solutions to our clients. Our technology is complemented by Audere accredited, specialist third party applications. This hybrid approach and our investments in R&D ensure we are continuously evolving and providing clients with the best available solutions. 

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