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INGO FX Insights Report 2021 - joins forces with Crowe Accounting

We surveyed over 100+ internationally operating UK-based charities to discover how they navigate the foreign exchange market, the impact of volatility and the key challenges they face

Challenges at a glance:

  • 55% of survey respondents name FX volatility as a major challenge, and 63% believe a FX market movement between 0% and 10% would cause them financial difficulty 

  • 43% indicated the primary method for dealing with volatility was by absorbing any negative movements using unrestricted funding 

  • 81% of INGOs believe access to a tool that accurately measured the cost of their foreign exchange payments would be useful

  • 71% of respondents submitted that they had no official foreign exchange policy. Lack of internal resources, insufficient knowledge and a lack of prioritization being cited for the main reasons.

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