Foreign exchange risk-management 

“The ultimate goal of any charity is to increase protection of funding and ensure more money reaches where it is needed. We help our clients achieve this by promoting radical transparency and better financial governance.”

Matteo Smolari  |  Head of Foreign Exchange 

Providing the gateway to best execution and data-led risk management advisory 

We ensure your FX risk management division receives independent and impartial quantitative hedging advice, access to best in class execution via our tendering process and reduced administrative inefficiencies. Key benefits include: 

Improved financial performance. Control volatility and risk, protecting your charity from unexpected changes in foreign exchange rates. 

Gain assurance. Our expertise and systems become an extension of your treasury function so you can focus on your core business.

Increase efficiency. Your charity will benefit from an end to end solution that integrates risk analysis with tendered execution, reporting and compliance logging. 

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Tendered execution

Tendering shouldn’t just be for organisations that can afford them or have enough resource to prepare for them. We’re able to schedule tenders to meet your charity’s execution requirements. will only consider UK and international FX liquidity providers that we regard as holding the highest reputational status, including access to liquidity; credit rating; service levels; an operating track record of at least 10 years.

All our liquidity providers are committed to providing charities with the best exchange rates, credit-terms and access to innovative payment systems.

Transaction cost analysis

The FX Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) tool provides unrivalled clarity and transparency on
the costs associated with sending funds overseas, so you can report back to trustees and donors with confidence.


Audere has pledged to cover the costs associated with the first TCA report for every NGO.

  • Benchmark current pricing against the only FCA accredited FX price feed in the UK

  •  Fully independent - no reliance on data or analysis provided by your executing bank or broker, or websites like Oanda or


  • Identify competitive and non-competitive counter-parties


  • Identify inconsistencies and irregularities in pricing over time

Partner awards include:


Impartial hedging advisory 

Currency risk can severely impact an organisation’s financial performance.  

Expert guidance and scenario modelling from approved, industry advisors on best FX management practice ensures greater funding protection.

We help charities define and implement: 

  • FX hedging objectives

  • Budget rate setting

  • Simulating & back testing strategies and hedge ratios 

  • Implementing an optimal strategy 

  • Performance reporting 


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